Lorenzo Martone’s Unretouched Nude Shoot for Butt Will Probably Be His Last


Last night, Lorenzo Martone hosted a dinner party for Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais at the Box to celebrate their fall 2010 collection. Martone posed nude for the latest issue of BUTT magazine. It was his first nude shoot — "and only, I think," he told us. "There’s only two pictures, luckily." Martone agreed to do the story because he's a big fan of the magazine and photographer Walter Pfieffer, who shot him. "He photographs with a flash, no retouching," Martone explained. So no Photoshopping at all? "No. BUTT magazine — are you kidding me? They don’t even retouch the interviews — they write anything you say."

The photo shoot took place at Martone's old apartment in Paris, but he still felt "a little" uncomfortable with the nudity. "He only brought one assistant, so it was not, like, bad," he said. Despite the discomfort, he always trusted the BUTT crew. "I’m a big fan of the magazine. I know their work and I said, 'I’m sure it’s not going to look any different,' so I’m like why not?" he continued. "BUTT magazine — you either don’t do it or you do it. And show your butt! Because that’s what the magazine is all about. So I said you know, you gotta do it. You gotta show your butt."

Martone's husband, Marc Jacobs, is much more comfortable with nude shoots. "I think, for him, he's very proud of what he went through because he was so fat and didn’t feel comfortable in his own skin, and then when he changed he felt very confident," Martone said. Martone liked the very memorable photo shoot Jacobs did with Terry Richardson for Harper's Bazaar, in which he posed nude with the Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse graffiti logo painted on. There was just something a little off about it. "I think they retouched a lot those pictures, because I noticed he didn’t have any pubic hair in the pictures. I guess to sell to certain markets, you can’t show pubic hair, which he has. The pictures seemed like he didn’t have — it’s a little weird," he said. "Well, I hear that they distribute that magazine in like 50 countries, so I guess that was the reason. Silly, silly. Because everyone has it, right? Pubic hair. Why hide it?"