Robert Duffy’s Posting Lots of Twitpics of Marc Jacobs and His Staff Working on the Fall 2010 Collection


Marc Jacobs's business partner, Robert Duffy, has only been tweeting for several days, but he's on such a roll. He remains unfazed after his initial debacle with the technology, when he had to remove tweets in which he asked followers what the set design should be for Marc's show because he had "no idea" and just a week to come up with something. Throughout the week he's been sharing Twitpics of Marc and his team working on the fall 2010 collection. We love this sort of thing because designers are always so stingy about sharing anything they're planning. But thankfully, Marc Jacobs's house is the people's house. (They're also live-streaming the fashion show — one of the most coveted tickets of the entire season, all four fashion capitals combined.) You can't see a whole lot of the clothes in the early Twitpics (though some neutral fabrics are visible in the pressing room), but you can see Marc wearing socks and sandals as he holds some kind of oatmeal-colored knitted swatch.