Marc Jacobs Forecasting: Flat Shoes, No Color, Jamie Bochert Look-alikes

Jamie Bochert and Marc Jacobs.

A well-placed source revealed a few tidbits about the fall 2010 collection Marc Jacobs will show tomorrow night at the Lexington Avenue Armory. Things could always change last minute, but we hear it's beautiful. Also:

• The palette is almost entirely cream-and-beige, practically no color.
• Many looks come with Forties-esque trapeze skirts that fall just below the knee. Also spotted were silk camisoles, a wide-leg pantsuit, a beige fur coat, and sunglasses that resembled reading glasses.

• The Mary Jane-style shoes are mostly flat (while some have a low heel) and worn with socks.
• The music is "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."
• The hair is messy (think Parisian chic) and makeup is very clean, possibly with pastel-blue eyeshadow.
• The casting is interesting. Rumors just surfaced that Jacobs was doing a "street casting." We're told he wants all the girls to look like Jamie Bochert, and that casting agents may have had a difficult time finding a whole army of them. The girls in the running to be in the show are models with model proportions and signed with agencies, but the Jacobs team may have looked on the street, as well. So the cast of models is likely to be entirely unknown girls.