Who Did the Seating at Mark Fast? Sarah Brown Squeezed Out


At Mark Fast, who last year caused a ruckus when he paraded size 12 models down his runway, allegedly causing his stylist to walk out in a huff minutes before the show, fashion conventions were violated left and right. Yes, Fast again sent out larger ladies in his second-skin knitwear (which we liked), but it was the audience this time that committed offenses. For one, while texting and e-mailing runwayside is now the norm, we’ve never before seen a guest answer her cell phone in the middle of the show and loudly make dinner plans.

When Sarah Brown, who is not only the prime minister’s wife but also British Fashion Council top brass, entered the show, she squeezed into a bench seat and not a soul budged to give her room, despite public-relations people who walked the audience begging for people to vacate their seats to give Brown more space. Perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity when blogger Jackie Dixon of ShowMeYourWardrobe.com refused to move. “It’s so embarrassing!” she told the PR rep. She later said she thought she was being booted to make room for another Sarah, a fashion editor. When informed who it really was, she was incredulous, yet resolute. “I’ve got huge respect for Sarah Brown but I was given this seat.”

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