Mark Indelicato to Intern at Teen Vogue


Though fashion magazines have flirted with the athlete as celebrity intern maybe-phenomenon, the fad seems to have passed. Perhaps realizing hulking muscular men are best left doing hulking muscular man tasks, of which there aren't many to complete at fashion magazines, Teen Vogue has hired a different kind of celebrity intern: the teen actor. Fifteen-year-old Mark Indelicato of Ugly Betty will intern at Teen Vogue when the show's last season ends in the spring. It's a perfect gig for him. Not only does he actually read fashion magazines, but he also has ideas about how to take Teen Vogue to bigger and better places. "I want to have a reality show about it. My boss said he’s determined to make me cry. He said it makes good TV," he said. So he's going from one cliché television project to the next! This kid has direction.

Ugly Betty’s Mark Indelicato to work at Teen Vogue [In Touch]