Men Think Brunettes Are Better Kissers; Rag & Bone Shares Makeup Tricks

Jessica Alba.

• A British poll found that gentlemen actually prefer brunettes. The majority of the 1,500 men polled thought that brunettes were better at conversation and kissing, though 36 percent did think blondes were the most wild in bed (compared to 31 percent for brunettes). What say ye, blondes? [Daily Mail UK]

• To create the super-tight, textured curls for the models in the United Bamboo show, hairstylist Hirofumi Kera wrapped small sections of hair around long, thin hairpins. Except for a short blast of heat to set the curl, he let the hair air dry and then removed the pins just before the models walked the runway. [Stylelist]

• Makeup artist Gucci Westman aimed to give the models at rag & bone a slept-in look. She lined their eyes in black Revlon Luxurious Color eyeliner and used her fingers and Q-tips dipped in moisturizer to smudge the color. A light sheen on the eyelids and flesh-colored lips finished off the look. [Beauty Counter/]

• Jessica Alba keeps her skin smooth by using only Yonka skin-care products. Makeup-wise, she likes to stick to tinted moisturizer and Revlon Red lipstick. [Grazia UK]

Ruffian's astrology influence in their new collection even carried over to the models' manicures. Manicurists painted the nails navy with a matte top coat and then drew a crescent-moon shape with chrome polish along the cuticle line. Would you ask your manicurist to try this? [Girls in the Beauty Department/Glamour]

• Celine Dion will launch a new perfume next month called Simply Chic to go along with the scent she released last year, Celine Dion Chic for women. The limited-edition fragrance features notes of blackcurrant, freesia, rose, and sandalwood. [Now Smell This]