Miss J Feels Threatened by André Leon Talley’s Fashion-Speak on ANTM


Now that André Leon Talley has joined America’s Next Top Model, J. Alexander says the two are trying to one-up each other's "fashion verbiage." "Battling André Leon Talley now on the show with us has been quite interesting,” Miss J, who always seemed to relish critiquing the contestants' poses and clothing choices on the show, told us last night at the premiere of HBO’s How to Make It in America. "You know, we both have that knowledge that most people don’t understand. André’s verbiage is absolutely insane. He’ll explain a dress, and the dress is explained in a way that no one understands it." J admits that Talley is very, very good (after all, he coined the term “dreckitude” in just one season), and he notes one reason for the Vogue editor’s ease with fashion-speak. "He has a little more fashion-history verbiage just because he’s a little bit older," Miss J explained.

He insists theirs is a good-natured rivalry. They only worked together once the entire season, but "feed off each other’s wants and needs," according to J. "But that’s my sister and I love him to death," he added. "That’s my big older black sister."

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