More Glycolic Is Good Glycolic


Bliss has a new facial; this is not news. The enormo-spa frequently adds new treatments to its menus, usually with slightly off-putting cute names, and which are not always, we have to admit, visibly effective (beyond the fact that lying in a dark room having someone massage your face is never really a bad thing). Its newest, though, is a dynamo that breaks the glycolic sound barrier. Launching on March 1, the Bright Stuff facial ($175) includes a five-minute mask of 40 percent glycolic solution (if you add vitamin C, the peeling power drops to 38 percent). That is a hefty dose of exfoliation, and if it doesn’t tone down hyperpigmentation and dark spots for a lot of people, we’ll be surprised. The usual massage and mask treatments are involved as well, plus the always-appreciated cheese tray in the lounge.