Naomi Campbell Wearing McQueen ‘Almost Nonstop’


According to British Elle, Naomi Campbell has been wearing pieces by Alexander McQueen "almost nonstop since he died." She's been wearing pieces from his spring collection "at most fashion events," as well. Since McQueen's death, Campbell has staged two fashion shows to benefit Haiti, one in New York and one in London, ending with a finale of pieces from McQueen's spring collection. These pieces were probably samples. The pieces Campbell has been wearing to events are probably samples, too, though it's possible she purchased them. Following the designer's death, all samples were urgently recalled to protect his legacy. Campbell evidently held on to some for her fashion shows, and perhaps for herself personally. It's nice that she's trying to pay homage to him and wear things that remind the world of how great he was, but at what point does it become about her more so than him?

Naomi Campbell pays tribute to McQueen [Elle UK]