Next Month’s Awkward-Cover Award Goes to British GQ


The Huffington Post notes that Anne Hathaway's armpit appears to have been Photoshopped out of her March cover for British GQ. Well, of course it was. The pitness of armpits is always digitally smoothed and removed in magazine photos. But we're more distracted by other things, such as:

1. Why is her armpit the focus of this cover more so than her face to begin with? Or even cleavage?
2. The corset's dragging her bosom down.
3. She needs pants.
4. Her hair is covering her eye, which means we only have half a window to her soul. Surely that's what the profile aims to expose.

Anne Hathaway's GQ Cover: Absent Armpit? (PHOTO, POLL) [HuffPo]