Ohne Titel Delivers Pantsuits in Futuristic Victorian Collection


This afternoon Ohne Titel designers Alexa Adams and Flora Gill showed a fall 2010 collection built around nineteenth-century Victorian silhouettes. "But using, like, the outer shell and simplifying it in a way so it became very pared down and kind of like streamlined and sharp," Gill told us after the show. It opened with pantsuits, which Preen also showed, and seem to be a trend for fall 2010. But this is not your average, boxy Capitol Hill fare. Next fall's pantsuits are slouchy — thanks to softer fabrics — yet strong. "[It's] a little more aggressive of a look. I think it’s nice to be strong," Adams said. "I love power dressing, and I think that our customer is a really powerful, strong woman who would wear those sort of things," Gill added.

The Victorian silhouettes could be seen in ever-so-slight a bustle in the back of a jacket, for example. Some dresses came with flouncy skirts. "We wanted to add in this kind of idea of textures and lace, but making it very futuristic," Adams said. "But making it very tech-y and modern by using athletic meshes and kind of oversized versions of the lace-making techniques that they used in that time," Gill added. The result was the über-cool show the industry has come to expect from these designers, though it must be said that photos hardly do the details justice. Leave it to Ohne Titel to make the pantsuit cool again.