Next Fall, Many Designers Envision You With One Very Warm Arm

From left: Dennis Basso, Peter Som, Thom Browne.

Fur was huge on the fall 2010 runways in New York. Many designers tried to do something different with it, which resulted in quite a bit of asymmetrical fur detailing. Dennis Basso sent out a couple of evening gowns with one gorilla arm, Peter Som added a Johnny Weir–esque tuft of fur to the sleeve of a dress, and Thom Browne sent a couple of men down the runway with big fur muffs worn over only one forearm. Alexander Wang also sent many models out with one fuzzy sleeve, which we're pretty sure was synthetic but also considerably furrier than velvet. This trend may look ridiculous, but it may also be genius. How often do you find yourself out at the bar in a fur chubby you don't feel comfortable checking, get heated, and casually throw it off one arm so that you're only wearing one sleeve and can avoid setting it somewhere? Never? Yeah. Us neither.