Presenting Johnny Weir — Rear View — in a Custom Rodarte Unitard


Rodarte made outfits for thirteen Olympians participating in the Games beginning next week. Ryan McGinley shot the sportsmen and women in their custom knits for The New York Times Magazine coming out this Sunday.

Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy said all the costumes are quite different: "We built the looks knowing that the athletes needed to be able to keep the same range of motion in our clothing as they have in their normal uniform." Here you see Johnny Weir, mid-axel. Marvel at how the spidery knits cling to his curves like foam to the lid of your Starbucks cup, his captivating form in near-perfect suspension, the wrist flicked just so. A photographer once told us that you know you've made it when magazines don't feel the need to run a clear shot of your face, feeling rather that just your arm or blurred eyes speak loudly enough to the world. And so Johnny Weir arrives as another hump day draws to a close.