The Project Runway Designers Meet Their Pint-Size Clients

Episode Title
A Little Bit of Fashion

You know that saying that actors have, never work with children or dogs? Meaning that you’ll be upstaged regardless of how well you’ll perform, if you’re standing next to something really cute? Well, it’s true. Because who needs regular alien models (and designers, for that matter) when you have adorable little girls prancing around in adorable little clothes, saying adorable stuff like, “my dog is older than your dog!”? This week’s Project Runway was one of our favorite episodes ever. The designers had to make an age-appropriate, fashionable look for a little-girl model, and it was oh so hilarious to watch them struggle with the smaller sizing.

“These girls have no booties and no breasts!” remarked an exasperated Anthony. “I am scared of children. They are very … small,” said Jonathan, whom we feel for, having not been the babysitting type ourselves. The designers had very different ideas about how girls like to dress — Emilio went the classic princess way, Jesse created a Madeline schoolgirl look, Janejane made a simple red romper, and Seth Aaron designed for a little-girl rocker (of course). After the first night, Tim revealed a twist — the designers had to make companion adult looks for their regular-size models. Throughout the episode, we finally learned more about the designers’ personalities — Anthony can’t stop talking (duh), Mila says she’s getting along with everyone (when they’re actually just making fun of her), Jonathan is a comedian (his impression of Michael Kors — “It’s as if Memoirs of a Geisha met Barney!” — was hilarious), and Seth Aaron’s daughter has over 200 handbags, which is worrisome. The runway show was delightful, and all the little girls had so much fun. Can you imagine how awesome that was for them? True story: When we were 7 years old, we forced our poor mother to take us to an open modeling/acting call at our local dance studio, as we had dreams of becoming a star. Nothing came of it, obviously, and our mom later (much, much later) revealed to us that they told her that we were adorable, but too ethnic-looking (read: Jewish) to be marketable. Haha. The story has a happy ending, in that we are now here with you, dissecting TV shows about modeling, instead of off somewhere sniffing glue with other child stars. Okay, we’re getting off topic here. On to the runway show! The guest judge was Tory Burch, who didn’t have that much to say.