Project Runway: It’s Showtime, Synergy!

Episode Title
Run for Cover

This week’s Project Runway challenge was unprecedented, or so they keep telling us, and when we first heard that the prize was to have a design on the cover of Marie Claire, we were very curious about whose publicity team would allow their client to participate in such a dubious stunt. So when ed-in-chief Joanna Coles revealed the cover model to be …. Heidi Klum! ... we were way less confused about the whole thing. You know what that’s called? Synergy. ‘Cause we had a feeling that if Coles approached, say, Beyoncé’s manager and said, “We’re so excited to have she who is formerly known as Sasha Fierce on the cover, but instead of putting her in a real designer dress, we’re going to have her wear a burlap sack by an unknown (that was made in 24 hours),” well, we think Bey-Bey would be like, “I’m Leaving.”

Why are we wasting precious recap space going into this? Because nothing happened during this episode. This is the little that we learned: Seth Aaron is annoying, Mila is fake and cocky, and JaneJane has very low self-esteem. Also, who is Ben, again? This week’s challenge really did have an awesome prize — everyone was very quiet and concentrated, which made for a subdued hour of TV. JaneJane predicted that she and Anna were going to be in the bottom two, which was accurate, and we don’t think there was one instance of a contestant talking about his/herself in the third person. On to the runway, where the judges were joined by Coles, whose pithy, on-point comments made us wish she were there every week.