Richie Rich Loves Figure Skating, Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson and RIchie Rich at New Zealand Fashion Week last September.

Richie Rich is such a figure-skating fan that he scheduled his Wednesday A*Muse show around the men's Olympic competition (short program on Tuesday, free skate on Thursday). "I was a figure skater, and lots of my fans are also huge fans of the sport, so I didn't want to make them choose between my show and the Games," said Rich, who faces his own quandary over flamboyant artiste Johnny Weir and less-flamboyant technical dynamo Evan Lysacek. "I love Evan, and Johnny," he told us at the W Hotel Lounge after Nicole Miller's show. "I text him all the time. I'm just so proud they're both going to the Olympics. Don't make me choose! It's so hard!" Before he heads to Vancouver for the closing ceremonies, Rich will channel Malibu via Pamela Anderson, who served as muse — get it — for the first A*Muse collection, which Rich describes as "the beach meets the streets. It's resort meets graffiti and break dancing — that kind of thing." Anderson will walk, and although Rich would not disclose exactly how naked she would be, the show's title is "Hot for Teacher." Expect bikinis.