Saks Agrees to New Fur-Labeling Policies

A raccoon dog.

Saks has settled, out of court, the lawsuit filed against it and other retailers by the Humane Society over improper labeling of faux-fur products. Some items sold at Saks, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus, and Macy's contained raccoon-dog fur, but were labeled faux. Lord & Taylor settled in December, and Saks just settled out of court. They agreed to be more careful about fur labeling and to endorse federal legislation to end the sale of fur-trimmed things lacking complete information about where the hell the fur came from. Neiman Marcus is close to wrapping up its lawsuit with the Humane Society as well. Once a judge approves, they'll pay the Humane Society $25,000 and label their furs properly moving forward. Macy's is the only defendant remaining in the suit, and they didn't return calls to WWD. Maybe they're still taken aback by how adorable raccoon dogs are.

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