The Fug Girls: The Grunge Contingent Lays Claim to Lacoste


It's impossible to predict the celebrity quotient at Lacoste. Just a few years ago, it was expected that tennis player Andy Roddick (whom the brand sponsors) would be sitting front row with Brooklyn Decker, and that would be about it. But then in September, the show drew not athletes, but two Geldofs, slovenly model Alice Dellal, and Mischa Barton — girls who seem like they'd be more at home sneaking a smoke outside a gym than sweating inside it.

This season, the celeb crowd dwindled to merely one Geldolf — whom we determined, after much deliberation, was Pixie; already our Geldof-spotting skills have been put to more of a test than we ever expected — and, once again, Alice Dellal, whose half-shaved head is now very blonde. Tragically, we couldn't see what they were wearing; they were seated when we arrived, flanked by handlers and one cameraman, and scurried away quickly after the show. Both girls usually look terribly rumpled, and from our vantage point, we couldn't tell if they were in anything Lacoste. (Turns out, Dellal was.) We have no idea what their relationship is with the brand — beyond, we imagine, a very friendly appearance fee — but we're curious who is behind the executive decision that the most fitting celebrity guests for the Alligator are grungy club kids, as well as who was in charge of getting said grungy club kids out of bed this morning to make a 10 o'clock show. That’s hard enough for those of us for whom "clubbing" is more like "eating a club sandwich from room service while we watch the opening ceremonies."

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