The Prada Show Was All About Boobs


This just in: boobs. For a while it seemed like thighs were the new boobs. Only two seasons ago Miuccia Prada sent models down the runway in blazers and crotch-skimming wader boots, sans pants. Spring led to numerous pantsless looks, as models pattered down the runways in all manner of diaper panties. That stuff is great for models with no cellulite, but what about the rest of the world — the "curvy" people who are so in right now — who would be far better off and more comfortable flaunting a different region of the body? Today's Prada show in Milan was an about-face from last fall. Prada sent models down the runway in a number of looks with boob tents sewn into them. As we watched the show online (try it yourself), we noticed the models were awfully busty this season. Since when do runway models have full bosoms? we wondered. Well, they might not, actually. Closer inspection revealed that Miuccia had sculpted the tops of many looks to include two little pyramidlike spaces for breasts — those things high fashion has rejected for ages.

She also sent a number of dresses down the runway with a bed of ruffles over the bust, thereby further exaggerating the chest. So Miuccia really wants her girls to have boobs, but some of them already did. Victoria's Secret models Doutzen Kroes, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Bianca Balti all walked in the show today. Non–Victoria's Secret but still "curvy" model Lara Stone also walked. And Rose Cordero was the only model of color in the cast.

Aside from the boobular fare, the show included vinyl coats and skirts, and modest A-line skirts and dresses. We could see Anna Wintour wearing a lot of it — customized to have the boob tents removed, of course.