Turns Out Terry Richardson Shot the Jersey Shore Cast for Interview


Yesterday, "the Situation" posted pictures of himself posing with Bar Refaeli for Interview magazine — a boon to her career to be sure, considering the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is only a once-yearly thing and Leonardo DiCaprio is something of a recluse. Turns out Terry Richardson shot the Interview photos. Today he posted more pictures from the shoot on his site. They include a close-up — raw — look at "the Situation"'s pectorals and a close-up look at Pauly D's faux cornrows. Terry even got to work out with the boys! They look to be laughing at him, and it remains unclear how much the lensman can or can't bench. But this photo portfolio, with its smattering of shirtlessness, gives us pause. Are these young lads shaving their chests and their pits? Or waxing both regions? Could they perhaps be of that rare, hairless species of male? Your thoughts, please.

Terry Richardson's Diary [Official site]
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