Adam Lambert in Talks to Launch Man Makeup for Cosmetic-Curious Straight Dudes


Adam Lambert told us at the Blonds' show during Fashion Week that he was interested in launching a clothing or cosmetics line. Now he's reportedly in talks to launch a makeup line consisting of everything a guy could need, including foundation, concealer, shadow, mascara, lip gloss, nail polish, and eyeliner, though it is unclear whether man glitter is also on the agenda. He reportedly believes straight men "are likely to experiment" with his products. When we interviewed Lambert, he wore makeup he had expertly applied himself, and worked his green-glitter-topped smoky eyes better than he has been known to work a microphone. So the man knows what he's doing — he should introduce men everywhere to the joys of sparkly eyelids. Anything that keeps him from launching a celebrity fragrance, the last thing this world needs more of.

Adam Lambert To Release Guyliner For Men [Allie is Wired]