André Leon Talley Has New Title at Vogue, Same Responsibilities


America's Next Top Model judge André Leon Talley isn't Vogue's editor-at-large anymore. In the April masthead, his name appears under "contributing editors," not "editor-at-large" as it did in the March issue. The March issue closed at the beginning of this year, leading some to wonder if 2010 brought changes to André's contract, and whether this has anything to do with leaving him more time to work on ANTM. However, a Vogue spokesman told us, "There’s no more to the story than a title change." He added, "That’s just because he wanted to do more freelance projects" — such as ANTM. "He’ll be just as big a presence at Vogue," and his column and blogging will remain intact.

Though perhaps not technically a freelance project, Talley has been spending more and more time on Twitter. And he's improving! He seems to have stopped signing his tweets with his name. Today he reveals he's at a photo shoot with Tyra Banks, and can't wait for Karl Lagerfeld to come to town for ten days. Also: "I pulled out my best Chanel cape, by Karl Lagerfeld today, Tiepolo red. Glorious cape. Glorious cape." Nothing beats a great cape on a gloomy Monday.

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