André Leon Talley’s Twitter No Longer Bogus


Last week, Vogue's André Leon Talley and Grace Coddington said any Facebook or Twitter accounts under their names were "fraudulent" and "bogus." They then explained that they avoid such crap social networking because they represent Vogue, and Vogue is all about quality, and anything that can be done in seconds is the opposite of quality. However, according to Diane Von Furstenberg's Twitter, that talk inspired Talley, a sometime blogger himself, to join Twitter and see what this newfangled Internet medium is all about. Today he's got a feel-good vibe going: "Love yourself today. Give a smile to your fellow man. Love you, then you can love others," he tweets, as though he's never ridden a subway.

The best thing about this news might be that the fake ALT with almost 1,300 followers who once tweeted, "@Gracecoddington grace honey sorry i went out for a quick tea with Vera im on my way now," looks quite silly — and will undoubtedly look more so when everyone un-follows him to make room for the real ALT.

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