André and Whoopi’s Magic Night Out

My buddy and me!

If you, like us, were wondering what was up with André Leon Talley and Whoopi Goldberg hanging out together during Fashion Week, the New York Times has your answer: They're buddies. They met at Whoopi's birthday party, spent Christmas together, and now talk about such things as using wolf urine to get deer away from their houses. (Incidentally, did we know that ALT lived in White Plains? “I reconcile the toxicity of the fashion world with the beauty of home,” he said to the Times.) The paper of record followed the dynamic duo out for a night as they hit up R&B club Sugar Bar for open-mike night. We're helpfully informed that they like to go there regularly on Thursdays, not that you should stalk them or anything. And after, they went to Monkey Bar (are you keeping notes on the itinerary?), where ALT laments the lack of clapping at fashion shows: “We don’t clap because then you are showing vulnerability,” he said. We haven't noticed a lack of clapping, though there is always that awkward moment of when the clapping has gone on too long. But we digress — who wants to go to Sugar Bar after Paris shows end?

An Open Mike for André and Whoopi [NYT]