ANTM Recap: André Leon Talley Coins the ‘Patently Gauche’ Catchprase


After André Leon Talley's second appearance on America's Next Top Model, it is clear he is THE reason to watch this season. He dramatically called one contestant's outfit "dreckitude" to her face this week, after coining the term last week. Last night's challenge was for the girls to dance and model (we think — we only tune in to watch Talley at the end), and the Vogue editor expanded his catchphrase arsenal with "patently gauche." Such as: "I find that the pointed toe in the ankle strap shoe is patently gauche, it looks awkward." Conversely: "Here the leg is patently gauche but it works, that sort of awkward pigeon-toed moment." And there were other gems: "To me it is very unsettling to see this photograph." And the time he said to a girl, of her outfit: "What were you thinking today, darling? Take that jacket off."