Apparently Christian Siriano’s Bravo Show Is Just a One-Hour Special


Christian Siriano has been glowing about his return to Bravo in his very own show for months. Bravo announced Siriano's solo television project in October, and he told us in November it would be a lot like seminal fashion-documentary films The September Issue and Valentino: The Last Emperor. But apparently the show isn't a series, it's just a one-hour special. The program, which will air on April 5, is called Having a Moment (not a series!) and will follow Siriano as he prepares for Fashion Week, does Emmy fittings, and balances his personal and work lives. "It’s going to be really serious, like not so campy. There are a lot of moments that are just silent and like working and like really how serious the business is, because it’s really hard, it really is," he told us months ago.

That means "fierce" is no longer his catchphrase of choice. This time around, he plans to cram in at least four new ones into the hour. They include "je n'ais," "j'adore," "genius," and "moment" — as in, "we're having a moment." He's right. There's nothing campy about peppering fawny fashion speak with French. Don't you love when people do that?

Christian Siriano is 'Having a Moment' [Dish/Bravo]
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