Are Argentinians on Their Way to Modeling World Domination?

Carla Gebhart, Tati Cotliar, and Antonella Graef.

Once the sexy Brazilians ruled the modeling world, with their breasts and butts and tans and remarkable compatibility with body grease. Then the thinner, pale Russians rose to prominence with their blonde hair and sallow cheeks. Now modeling seems to be having a Dutch moment, with models such as Lara Stone, Patricia Van Der Vliet, and Lisanne de Jong bringing a more athletic figure into fashion. predicts the next craze will be models from Argentina, as many Argentinian faces landed top spots in big shows for fall 2010. Here you see three rising Argentinian stars: Carla Gebhart at Prada, Tati Cotliar opening Marc Jacobs, and Antonella Graef at Givenchy. When will America spark a model craze? Eh, maybe not anytime soon, but at least this nation produced Karlie Kloss, who rules.

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