Australian Vogue Deletes Negative Comments About Advertisers From Its Site


Calvin Klein creative director Francisco Costa visited Australia recently to speak at a seminar, along with the label's executive vice-president of communications, Malcolm Carfrae. The talk was an informal Q&A with Australian Vogue editor Kirstie Clements. This being a fashion discussion, the Internet — that unwieldy yet puzzlingly powerful home to bloggers and social networking — naturally came up. Clements asked Carfrae if the company censored negative comments on its Facebook fan page. Carfrae said no. But then:

Clements confessed onstage that “we knock them off” on At a party that followed the seminar, Clements told WWD that Vogue Australia refused to publish any negative comments about its advertisers.

So if you were planning to get your rage and bitterness out in Australian Vogue's forums today, don't bother, because it may only lead you to more rage and bitterness. Clements did not ask Carfrae and Costa if they would pull advertising owing to a negative comment left by a random person on the site. But at least she can keep her little pasture of the Internet a happy place full of sunshine and daisies and fawns and cute babies that don't make any noise and whatnot. And hopefully people continue to pay her for it.

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