Bravo Undecided on a Second Season of Kell on Earth, But Kelly Doesn’t Need Them Anyway


Maybe Kelly Cutrone wasn't born for fashion PR. Maybe she's not meant to spend her life holed up in that Soho office with twentysomething assistants and interns she can only sometimes stand. Maybe those things and annoyances and eccentric incenses are simply her gateway to a full-time television career. It would certainly make up for her "coolster" clients that don't pay on time. And she could be that rare star who goes in front of TV cameras with no makeup, no hairstyling, and no problem with that, but plenty of problems with lots of other things. But Bravo is for some reason undecided on a second season of Kell on Earth. We're sure they'll come around, because aside from not airing Work Out anymore, that network rarely lets us down, but if they don't, Kelly has other TV things in the works.

She said she signed a "major deal in L.A. last week" for a "scripted network TV show," PRNewser reports:

"I'm going to be executive producing and writing" she said. The show will be about the fashion industry. Cutrone will also be executive producing two other reality shows and will continue to appear on MTV's "The City," which returns on April 27th.

A scripted show and two reality shows. So in other words, three scripted shows. But we can't wait for all of them. Television can never have enough of two things, and those are catfights and people who believe incense actually does something life-altering aside from smelling bad.

With 'Kell On Earth' Complete, Kelly Cutrone Dishes on Future TV Plans [PRNewser/Mediabistro]