Chicks Can Actually Wear a Lot of Gareth Pugh’s New Collection


Gareth Pugh seems to have sobered up. The British wunderkind who used to show ruffs you could serve a three-course buffet on, and other things that wouldn't fit in a midsize car, showed a pretty wearable but still cool collection in Paris today. Last season he sent models down the runway with giant feathered headdresses, but this season he merely smeared soot on their foreheads and roots. The almost-over-the-knee boots are a nice alternative to last fall's thigh-highs, which probably never caught on because they often mostly look ridiculous and slutty.

Men's offerings included a crop top, a nipple-concealing "top" made from straps, wide-leg pants, and coats with skirtlike flaps hanging off the bottom. Absent were protruding metal bits with which one might cut oneself. Menswear on the runway so often looks flamboyant, but if you're going to a rave in an underground club in Berlin at four in the morning, this stuff is probably perfect.

See Gareth Pugh's complete fall 2010 collection.