Chinese Authorities Find High Levels of Acid in Designer Clothing


Inspectors in southeastern China found that a lot of clothing not made in China failed quality-control tests. They cited labels such as Dolce & Gabbana, Trussardi, Hugo Boss, Paul & Shark, Hermès, and Versace. The Telegraph reports:

Inspectors said some clothes suffered from poor colour fastness, while others contained high levels of acid or of formaldehyde.

The clothes "could have caused skin rashes, eye irritations, allergies, respiratory problems and even cancer," the China Daily warned.

The clothes were made in Italy, France, Morocco, Turkey, Vietnam, and India and had been labeled incorrectly, according to the inspectors. Are these the same clothes we get in the States? Like, if we go to Dolce and try things on, which we would never do because even D&G socks cost $75, are we at risk of contracting weird rashes and growing tumors? Our Real Housewives might want to go on shopping-cancer watch, just to be sure.

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