Get Your Own Mini-Snooki Poof!

From left: the Pony Pouf Clip, Spin Pin, and Volume Boost Comb.

Known for being the drugstore go-to for cheap, fun hair accessories, Goody's new Simple Styles collection is attempting to help women "achieve the hottest styles at home." However, these aren't the usual elastics, headbands, or clips we're used to seeing. They're teetering on the odd infomercial hair doodad with a Snooki-like Bump It piece (Volume Boost Comb) and a pony holder that is supposed to add a bit of fluff (Pony Pouf Clip), along with bun pins that resemble a tool you would see at Home Depot (Spin Pin). Of course, we recruited an intern to model the new collection.

$6.49 at CVS stores.