How Much Has Botox Affected Acting?


Apart from issuing snap judgments on last night's gowns, our own Oscar-watching contingent was most intent on evaluating the degree of cosmetic surgery undertaken by the unblinking actresses parading across the red carpet. Amanda Fortini tackles the issue in this week's issue, asking just how much injectables have affected the art of acting. ("If you can’t frown with your mouth, they seem intent on proving, you can try to frown with your voice.") She finds that even those most opposed to going under the knife (or needle) may be swayed by the curse of high-def: "I was super against [Botox], saying I’ll never do it, then you see yourself on HD and you want to kill yourself,” says Rosanna Arquette, whose documentary Searching for Debra Winger explores the pressures of Hollywood. If only for the sake of George Clooney and Meryl Streep's eye-crinkling grins, we hope some things are sacred.

Lines, Please [NYM]