Jennifer Aniston’s Debatably Unfortunate Christian Lacroix Couture


The couture Christian Lacroix dress Jennifer Aniston wore to the premiere of Bounty Hunter in Paris yesterday is notable for a few reasons:

1. It's Lacroix! The designer recently went bankrupt and was forced to close down his label, which was a very sad thing for fashion and France. But it's great to see his gowns alive and kicking in the spotlight, even if Aniston's key celebrity support is coming months too late. Thanks, Jen!

2. Aniston normally plays it safe with red-carpet dresses, usually sticking to simple black or beige hues. But here she has stepped out in salmon. Bright, shiny, couture salmon with complicated bows and ruching down the front.
3. As Christina Hendricks proved at the Golden Globes, peach or orange-flavored hues are tough to pull off on a red carpet. Or at any time in life.

British Marie Claire is "on the fence" about this dress. Your thoughts?

Jennifer Aniston's hot pink frock: love or hate? [Marie Claire UK]