Jeremy Kost Tackles the Ladies Who Lunch


Jeremy Kost, whose videos you'll often see on this site, has a new show up at the National Arts Club. Titled "Ladies Who Lunch," Kost shot some downtown fixtures (Kenny Kenny, Dirty Martini, Jordan Fox) in more traditional, upscale settings. The result is at first entertaining, and then provoking. The characters "represent the beginning of me exploring what it truly means to transform, specifically in context of a more or less private performance for me," Kost explains. Adding to the theme of transformation is the setting: the stately Arts Club, with its armchairs and vases, played host on opening night to a slew of drag queens, performers, and general citizens of the night. Click ahead to see excerpts from the show, which is on display until March 25. On the following day, Kost has a group show opening at the Andy Warhol Museum celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Playboy bunny, in which he shot Amanda Lepore re-envisioned as the infamous bunny.