JWOWW’s Clothing Line Is Apparently Unisex

Perfect for heavage flaunting.

Menswear for women has been a popular fashion trend for years. Leave it to JWOWW, fashion trailblazer, to turn it on its head. She said recently that her forthcoming clothing line will include "26 pieces for girls and guys, jewelry and handbags. There are dresses, going out [clothes]. Streetwear, jeans, T-shirts, blazers, and corsets." She adds, "It's easy, the unisex thing. What I make for girls looks good on guys. I kind of like that unisex vibe I was giving. I was always particular of when a guys where jeans [sic] and then I was like, why don't I just make them?" So this is womenswear for men. Fist pump! [RadarOnline]