Little Boots Doesn’t Approve of the Lack of Goodie Bags at New York Fashion Week

Little Boots and Ivanka Trump.

Little Boots figured out the difference between New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. "No goodie bags," she told us last night at a private party celebrating Ivanka Trump's new jewelry collection at Trump's midtown penthouse, where the singer performed a two-song set. "What's that about? I'm usually like 'What's in the goodie bag, oh my God!?' That's my main deal." Though she left New York Fashion Week empty-handed, she admits it's probably because she only went to a few shows. In fact, we only spotted her at one — DKNY — though she also D.J.ed a Seven New York party.

Little Boots thinks the fashion people are different here from across the pond, too: "It's just a different vibe, it's hard to explain," she said. "It's a really different atmosphere, but still really good. Every night there were fashion parties. You have the fashion scene in London, but it's just different people there." Just then, someone handed her a pink and black shopping bag emblazoned with Ivanka Trump's logo, so we asked her if Ivanka gifted her any jewelry. "Yeah, she did," she said with a huge smile, pointing to a pair of chandelier earrings dangling from her ears, which were designed by Trump. "They're the most elegant things." But her fingers remained tightly gripped to the new bag and its potential: "I haven't opened it. I'm excited." Finally, the fashion-filled New York goodie bag she always wanted. Victory.