Naomi Campbell Reportedly Slapped and Punched Her Taxi Driver


Apparently Naomi Campbell is in town today, and reportedly wreaking her usual havoc, according to a law-enforcement official who must remain anonymous because the investigation is ongoing. A taxi driver who had the pleasure of collecting Campbell in midtown tells authorities the 39-year-old model got furious with him and started slapping and punching him from the backseat at around 3 p.m. today. It's unclear what enraged Campbell (crumbs in the seat crack sticking to her fur?), but that's surely not the best part of this story.

The official says the driver stopped the car around 58th Street and Second Avenue and called 911. He says Campbell jumped out of the car and ran.

So either the driver had his plastic divider window open, or Campbell smashed through it with her guns of steel, possibly with the help of a portable electronic device, and went to town.

Official: NYC driver says Naomi Campbell hit him [USAT]