Olivia Palermo Becomes a ‘Reporter’ and Whitney Port Becomes a ‘Young Designer’ on the New Season of The City!


The second season of The City begins April 27, and the two-minute trailer suggests we're in for all types of hilarity! And lies! Kelly Cutrone, who we swear looks prettier than she has in past seasons, is back, along with People's Revolution, in an office that is nothing like what appears on her Bravo show. Which is to say, quiet and somewhat spacious-looking. Whitney becomes a "young designer" — officially! — with her first Fashion Week show, which we covered in September but which will be so great to see again on television. Also, she wears a terrifying jumpsuit.

Olivia starts "reporting" for Elle.com, which the magazine's creative director, Joe Zee, tells her could make her more famous than just being an editor at the magazine. And Whitney, who may actually feel feelings this season, finally calls Olivia a "bitch" behind her back before their epic face-off in a restaurant! Erin, too, is back, looking better than ever, her heart clearly still filled with hate for Olivia. Since her brief run on the show began, she has helped shepherd it into a new era — an era of honesty. Behold in the trailer.