Peter Lindbergh to Shoot for Vogue Again, Laments ‘All This Retouching’


Peter Lindbergh hasn't shot for Vogue for eighteen years, but plans to start again. In 1992, he switched from Vogue to Harper's Bazaar, but recently met with Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington, who asked him to rejoin the fold. "It was like you are the black sheep in the family, and your older brother asks you to come home," he told WWD. But will Lindbergh bring anything new to Vogue's pages?

“Fashion photography has gotten a little lost. There is a lot of carnival going on. The hair has gotten too crazy and the make-up. At the moment, everybody is trying to do young. They have to look young or dress young. Youth is so overdone,” he said. “All the advertising and magazine covers today — they don’t look like natural women. For me, that’s a real pity. There’s all this retouching. A little humanity would do good, especially in fashion photography.”

Wise words, but Vogue loves retouching. And crazy hair. And, well, plenty of things that don't look natural. But so do all magazines. We would love to see Lindbergh do more unretouched spreads of women with no makeup, like the one he did of supermodels for Harper's Bazaar.

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