Project Runway Recap: The Designers Discover New York

Episode Title
Takin' It to the Streets

This week on Project Runway, Tim announces that the designers will be working in teams in order to create two looks (day and night) inspired by New York neighborhoods. Fun! We love a good New York–centered challenge, and it’s always amusing to see people like Anthony gawk at the Peking ducks hanging in Chinatown, which are both slightly disturbing and, more important, delicious. Everyone is happy with his or her team except for Mila and Jay, who apparently hate each other (who knew?). Mila calls Jay “that guy I never talk to … and don’t really like.” Harsh, Mila! What did sprightly Jay ever do to you? Emilio and Seth Aaron head up to Harlem, where Emilio informs Seth that “Harlem is about churches, liquor stores, and fried chicken,” which sounds vaguely racist, but Emilio can pull it off. Down in Chinatown, Anthony and Maya find color and those delicious ducks, and Amy and Jonathan totally miss the point of the Upper East Side, which is less about architecture and more about attitude. Over in the East Village, Mila and Jay are attracted to graffiti. Back in the workroom, it’s clear that Amy and Jonathan are heading toward disaster, and Jonathan calls the day “the most horrifying experience of my life.” It’s an exaggeration, we’re sure, but his dress is pretty ugly. The guest judges (in place of Michael Kors … NO!) are Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein and Molly Sims of, um, Molly Sims. On to the runway show!