Project Runway Goes to the Hardware Store!

Episode Title
Hard Wear

If last night’s Project Runway taught us anything, it’s this: Heidi Klum has the most awesome maternity clothes we’ve ever seen. Not that it’s news — she’s been traipsing around in maternitywear for just about the last eight years. But still — that red dress with the swirl on the belly? A-mazing. We’re pretty sure we’re not going to be one of those lucky ladies who looks good pregnant (the five-foot-two-inch height basically seals that, right?), and that makes Heidi’s feat (and feet!) all the more impressive. Tonight the designers have one of those fun challenges in which they’re forced to make clothes from objects that shouldn’t actually be placed anywhere near skin. Heidi tells them they’re going to meet Tim and one of “America’s favorite designers” to hear more details. Michael Kors!

They seriously can’t get anyone else to appear on this show besides those with lifelong contracts already in place? Sigh. But, we wonder, what does Michael have to do with hardware? And yet he’s there to give the designers an awkwardly scripted intro to the challenge, which consists of creating a look and accessory from hardware-store materials. Right off the bat, Emilio makes the mistake of not buying, well, anything to make his dress out of. Did he really think he could create an entire outfit from little washers and string? Maya reveals that she has experience with “strange objects,” which sounds sort of creepy, and Jay cries about his hard life, which would have been more moving if he hadn’t been sporting a tasseled suede vest. Amy and Jonathan are good friends, and that’s the clique we’d join if we were on the show. Jonathan sounds fun — Mila, not so much. So let’s get on to the runway show, with Nina, Michael, and guest judges Obama-fave Isabel Toledo and jewelry designer Stephen Webster, who looks so much like Nick Arrojo that we had to do a triple take. Ah, curly, long hair on men, how we hate thee.