Salma Hayek Wants You to Drink This


Fans of juice cleanses, keep on reading. (Burger lovers, skip ahead.) Sarah Jessica Parker loves Blueprint (we admit to being fans of it as well). Jill Pettijhon is Donna Karan's girl. Gwyneth was just kvelling about Organic Avenue on Goop. This week there's a new player in the juice-cleanse game, Cooler Cleanse, a line of organic, locally sourced, hydraulically pressed juices brought to you by Salma Hayek and her old friend, Juice Generation's Eric Helms.

The tiny but curvy actress — married to François Pinault — is not exactly someone you'd take for a rabid cleanser. But Hayek's been getting custom concoctions from Helms for more than ten years, and this new cleanse was her idea. Helms would FedEx juices to her in L.A. — yup, she'd get them flown in — before a shoot or an awards show. When Hayek stepped up her cleansing before her wedding — after a V-Day ceremony at City Hall in Paris, she married Pinault a second time, in a Balenciaga gown, last April — and family members and friends wanted in, Hayek and Helms finally decided to make the cleansing an official business. They spent over a year perfecting their recipes. "If you know her, you know she's very particular," says Helms. There are five juice flavors: a green juice, a grapefruit mint, a red juice with beets and apples, young coconut water, and nut milk sweetened with dates. All are made overnight in a kitchen on 105th Street and delivered to clients starting at 6 a.m. in the morning. Cleanses are three or five days, and, if people want to actually chew something, there's also a raw-food option. The meals are created and cooked by Matteo Silverman, the chef behind the underground supper club 4 Course Vegan in Williamsburg. We have yet to try this particular cleanse, but if anyone does, do let us know how it goes.

$58 a day for juice; $62 a day for the Raw Food Cooler. Available at