Some Theories on Why Balenciaga Banned Carine Roitfeld and French Vogue


Last week Carine Roitfeld said she didn't attend the Balenciaga show in Paris because the house had "blacklisted" French Vogue. They don't advertise in the magazine or lend it samples anymore. But WHY? Fashionista heard a rumor that Carine called in a Balenciaga sample, and then loaned it to MaxMara, a brand she consults for. MaxMara then made an eerily similar coat before the Balenciaga sample was returned to them, which upset Balenciaga and resulted in the ban. However, a few commenters say the ban has something to do with French Vogue firing Marie Amelie Sauvé, who is "very close" with designer Nicolas Ghèsquiere. "They hate the French Vogue team," commenter Randy writes. However, this is all highly speculative. For all we know Ghesquiere got upset because Carine tagged and refused to remove unflattering photos of him on Facebook. Some people are fussy about that stuff.

Why Balenciaga Blacklisted French Vogue [Fashionista]
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