The Designer Who Claims to Have Actually Designed Whitney Port’s Clothing Line Is Suing Her


Whitney Port has a nice little scandal to coincide with promotion for The City's second-season premiere. Adrienne Baravetto, who claims to have designed Port's clothing line Whitney Eve, is suing the reality star and her father for nonpayment. She claims she met with the Ports in 2007 to talk about designing a line that would be called Eve & A. Baravetto says that though she never signed a contract, she had a verbal agreement with Whitney and her father, who promised her an $80,000 salary plus 25 percent stake in the company.

Whitney and her dad allegedly changed the name of the line to Whitney Eve after several high-end retailers like Fred Segal decided to carry it. Baravetto claims she was cut out of the deal when this happened. A rep for the Ports calls the suit "baseless and without merit." Now, one thing really stands out in this story: Why didn't Baravetto insist on signing a formal contract if, you know, $80,000 plus 25 percent of the company was at stake? However, whatever happened or happens or will be decided with this case, anyone who's seen The City knows who really designs that stuff. And that would be Kelly Cutrone. And maybe Roxy suggests a shorter hemline or larger cutout, here and there.

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