Video: André Leon Talley’s ANTM Debut!


Finally, last night, after months of hype, André Leon Talley debuted on the America's Next Top Model judging panel. And as we expected, he was the best part of the show. But coining the word "dreckitude" was only one of many highlights of his critiques. He was kind: “There’s definitely a vulnerability in your body.” Analytical: “There’s drama to it, but it’s just sort of a stereotypical kind of drama.” Brutally honest: “I don’t like the hair, the face — it’s a mess!” And hammed it up for the cameras: “This would definitely hit the reject floor at Vogue. Slap! Next!” We put together a montage of his best moments in the video.

The second-best part of last night's episode was the runway challenge, which required the girls to walk down steep flights of stairs and onto a runway with pendulums swinging across it. Naturally, quite a few spills occurred, which ANTM producers relished showing over and over and over again last night. But because they never get old and this was so ridiculous, we compiled those falls in a montage.