Video: Getting to Know Haul Vlogger ChanelBlueSatin


Last week we introduced you to the YouTube phenomenon known as haul vlogging, which recently gained mainstream attention from NPR and Even though we love buying stuff, we expressed some doubts about the value of haul vlogging in general, and included, as an example of the genre, one popular entry made by YouTube user ChanelBlueSatin. She has since posted a video response, which we found to be smart, affable, and gracious, so we're embedding it on the Cut.

Our post was not intended as a personal attack against ChanelBlueSatin (or Forever 21, where we shop from time to time). We regret that it came across as such, and apologize for judging too quickly. Often we get frustrated digging through the racks of $8 sequined booty shorts at stores like Forever, but must commend those who have the patience to persevere, and who leave with things that are cute and affordable and aren't missing rhinestones. We'll be keeping an eye on haul vlogging in the future, so let us know if you have favorites in the comments. In the meantime, we'll be contemplating a haul series of our own about the hidden treasures (see here and here) in this city's American Apparels.

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