We Love … Juvexin


For some, a Brazilian hair-straightening treatment is a life changer. For others, the amount of damage to the hair, the painfully long process, the relatively short period of time it lasts, and the hunt to find a good, sulfate-free shampoo doesn’t make the ordeal seem worth it. However, Global Keratin introduced a new patented formula using Juvexin in the application process and in an aftercare line that erases any doubts and fears women may have. Hair is actually nourished, soft and bouncy (apparently the secret lies in New Zealand sheep wool) and this new wave of keratin isn’t “cooked” like others, so proteins aren’t broken down. Here are five reasons why we love it.

1. The treatment is quicker and easier than getting your hair colored.
2. Truly lasts for around five months.
3. There are three different formulas that vary in intensity just in case certain parts need more or less straightening than others.
4. Top salons like Rita Hazan and Gil Ferrer are fans, too.
5. Our resident Brazilian-straightening loyalist is now converted.

Treatment, $350 to $600; products, $19.95 to $24.95 at Rita Hazan (720 Fifth Ave., at 56th St., 11th fl.; 212-586-4343), Gil Ferrer (21 E. 74th St., nr. Madison Ave.; 212-535-3543), Riccardo Maggiore (136 E. 57th St., at Lexington Ave.; 212-586-6482) and Capelli D’Oro (123 Fifth Ave., nr. 19th St., second fl.; 212-477-3000).