Whitney Eve Walks Again


In September, Whitney Port presented her spring 2010 collection at New York Fashion Week in a group show with two other People's Revolution–represented designers. But she was disturbingly absent from our fall 2010 season. We heard a rumor she would show in London, where her mentor Kelly Cutrone was working for the British Fashion Council, but she didn't turn up there. However, she didn't deprive the world of a fashion show this season: Last night she showed in Miami, again in a group show but this time for GenArt's Fresh Faces. In a departure from that town's — and her personal — preferred sartorial aesthetic, she brought her hemlines down.

She showed floor-length skirts, knee-length skirts, even pants. Shorter hemlines were sobered by tights and what appear to be white lace leggings, which may have been an unfortunate choice but perhaps more fortunate than bare legs with a lace-trimmed mini that looks like a nightie. She also kept it sexy, with bandeau tops, below-the-boob cutouts, and blazers worn with nothing underneath, except perhaps some well-placed double-sided tape and maybe gel-filled breast enhancers. All those pantsless looks from her spring line have almost become a distant memory. Maybe this is a sign that dear Whitney has matured. Maybe taking a step back from The City and showing in a place where everyone's happy, well-endowed, and drunk off Bacardi and lounge music was just what she needed. (And don't all we New Yorkers need it, too, from time to time?) Because she understands, as Prada and Louis Vuitton proved, that next fall is not about worrying about whether you can sit down in something, but about having a nice rack.

Fresh Faces in Fashion [Whitney Port]
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