Who Did the Best Tina Fey Cover?


After appearing on this month's cover of Vogue, Tina Fey appears on the April cover of Esquire. She looks markedly different on Esquire, with the messy hair, smoky eye makeup, and hint of cleavage — like she's just dying to have sex with Esquire's readers, which is how men would like to imagine women roam the earth (most often not the case). The retouching on the Esquire cover may not be as egregious as Vogue's; despite her unnatural vampiness, she still looks like herself — if she had 45 minutes to spend on her hair and no wrinkles (which, as a 39-year-old human, she does). However, the magazine with the Tina cover that seems to have stayed most true to this amazing lady?

We're going with Harper's Bazaar. Their Tina cover came out in November of last year, before the other two. Of course retouching and styling were again at play, but we don't feel like they tried to awkwardly make her into something she's not.